Creating and Managing a Delivery

In this article, you will learn how to create and manage your deliveries within the Connect Settings and Dashboard pages.

Create a New Delivery

There are many ways in Connect to create a New Delivery:

From your Dashboard, you can create a new delivery by clicking on the New Delivery button above the map. The same New Delivery button can be found on the Delivery Management page. 

Doing so will open the New Delivery Form where you can create and save a delivery. The New Delivery Form requests the following information:

  • Reference ID: A unique identifier for the delivery
  • Delivery Size: Size of the delivery
  • Pickup Information: Where the delivery will be picked up and loaded on a vehicle. Fill in all relevant fields.
  • Customer Name: Search for or add customer name
  • Address: Search for or add address for pickup. If you need to slightly adjust the location (such as on a large jobsite), you can use our location accuracy tool which allows you to set latitude and longitude for a delivery.

    To do this click on Adjust Location below the map. Drag and drop the pin on the map where you want it. Select Update Location.

  • Service Duration: The amount of time budgeted for the driver to spend at the pickup location
  • Notes: Add any helpful pickup notes for the driver
  • Contact: Insert a contact name for the pickup destination
  • Notifications: If you would like this customer to receive order update notifications, select an option from the dropdown menu.
  • Phone Number: Add contact or company’s phone number
  • Email: Add contact or company’s email address

  • Drop-off Information: Fill in the address of the drop-off destination and all relevant fields.
  • Drop-off Name & Company: Point of contact for the delivery at the drop off location
  • Drop-off Phone Number: Contact information for drop off point of contact
    • Drop-off Duration: The amount of time budgeted for the driver to spend at the drop off location
    • Drop-off Notes: Helpful drop off notes for the delivery
      • Recipient Notification - Email Addresses: Recipients who will receive delivery email notifications for the delivery
      • Recipient Notification - SMS Phone Numbers: Recipients who will receive delivery SMS notifications for the delivery
        • Schedule the Delivery - Pickup date and time window and Drop off time window: Date and time when the delivery needs to be completed by. Note, all times are in the user’s local time zone. 

        Once you have populated the New Delivery Form, select the Save button to complete the creation of your delivery and return to your previous page. All fields are required unless explicitly marked as optional.

        Review Delivery Details

        Access information about a delivery quickly with the Delivery Detail Fly Out. On the Delivery Management page, click any delivery and a fly out will appear on the right side of the screen.  

        From this view, you can easily review Delivery Details such as date, size, and pickup and drop-off information. Scrolling down on the Delivery Detail Fly Out will give you options to expand or collapse additional sections to see delivery History information, Vehicle assignment, Route, and Drop-Off Details.

        Edit a Delivery

        From the Delivery Management page, you can edit an existing delivery by scrolling to the delivery you wish to edit, select the menu, and choose Edit Delivery. You can also edit from the Dashboard once you assign the delivery to a vehicle.

        Doing so will open the Edit Delivery Form where you can change the details for that delivery. Note, depending on the status of a delivery, not all fields may be editable. You can also access the Edit Delivery Form by clicking Edit on the Delivery Detailed fly out.

        • All fields are editable when a delivery is in a status of Unassigned, Assigned, Pending Pickup, and Incomplete.  
        • All fields, except Pickup Contact fields, are editable when the delivery is in a status of Out for Delivery.
        • No fields are editable when a delivery is in a status of Complete or Cancelled or when it is assigned to a route that is being optimized.

        Select the Save button at the bottom of the form to complete the edit of your delivery and return to the previous screen.  

        Note: Some edits you make will impact the route the delivery is assigned to, such as removing a delivery from a route, reordering a route, removing a delivery from Today’s Dashboard, etc. Ensure you check and update routes after editing deliveries assigned to routes.

        If you have questions, please contact us at A Dispatch team member will reach out to you for support.