How do I submit a driver adjustment?

In this article, you’ll learn about the types of scenarios for which we allow a driver adjustment. You’ll also learn the correct way to request an adjustment for an order you've completed.

Solution: To explain what driver adjustments are and when to request them.

The Adjustment Form

Our Driver Adjustment Form is easily accessible and available for all drivers. All adjustments must be submitted after you've completed the delivery and by the end of the order completion date. Submitting an adjustment request doesn’t guarantee that it will be approved by Dispatch.

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Unassisted Labor

You’re eligible for a labor fee if an order requires you to lift 250 pounds or more. Dispatch encourages all customers to indicate beforehand whether they’ll need help loading and unloading at pickup and drop-off. Note that the request for assistance will show up on the order as an unloading bonus before you accept it. 

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Address Changed

You’re eligible for an adjustment if an address changes at any point after you accept an order, whether it is the pickup or drop-off location. Submit an adjustment request once you complete the order. Please include the original address in the comments section.

Return Trip

If an item you delivered is incorrect or the customer has other materials they need you to return, you are eligible for an adjustment. Please note that mileage back to your home area post-delivery will not count as a return trip.  


Dispatch factors in toll costs when calculating your route. At the time an order is placed, the app accounts for any tolls along your route from pickup to drop-off. For tolls that result from an address change or unforeseen circumstances, we ask that you submit an adjustment request with your EZ Pass receipt.

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Vehicle Size Change

If you show up at the pickup location and the item does not fit in your vehicle, call Dispatch Support. We’ll cancel the order, and you’ll receive a cancellation fee payment. Should a customer incorrectly request a vehicle type that's too small for their order, but your vehicle is large enough to accommodate it, fill out the adjustment form to receive the correct pay rate.

Wait Time

Car, mid-sized, and pickup truck orders have a built-in load time of 10 minutes. For cargo vans, it's 15 minutes. You can claim anything over the load times for your vehicle type right on the "Completed Order" screen — so make sure you arrive on time! Wait time at drop-off may be claimed on a case-by-case basis. However, drivers must first call all available numbers in this order: Drop-off Contact, Pickup Location, Customer, Dispatch Support.

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All adjustments are judged on a case-by-case basis by the Dispatch Support Team. If you have any questions about an adjustment, please fill out the adjustment request form and leave your questions in the comments section. For questions that don't concern adjustments, you can email us at