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Completing a Route
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In this article, you will learn about the driver workflow within Dispatch Connect.


  • Route was Sent to the Driver

  • Driver can Complete a Pickup on the route

  • Driver can Complete a Delivery on the route

  • Edit a Route

Driver Completes a Pickup, Delivery, and Route

Once a driver has received their route in the Dispatch mobile app, they can begin working the route by completing their pickups and fulfilling the deliveries.

When a driver completes each pickup or drop-off stop, the Connect Web App will update the status on the Dashboard in the plan view, map view, and list view.

The possible Pickup statuses are either Picked Up or Not Picked Up. For the "Picked Up" status, this will only display on the Dashboard.

The possible Drop-Off or Delivery statuses include: Unassigned, Assigned, Pending Pickup, Out for Delivery, Complete, or Canceled. These status updates are only visible on the Dashboard in the plan view, map view, and list view.

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View Completed Routes

When a driver completes their last stop on a route, the route will be marked complete in the Connect Web App. The Vehicle will show a Completed Routes section with details for each route completed by that vehicle for the day.

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Click on View to be taken to a list showing the deliveries completed on that route.

Create More Routes for the Day

After a route has been completed, the vehicle ‘resets’ and is available to complete another run. To begin building another route, add a new delivery to the vehicle.

Common Scenarios

Below are some scenarios you may experience as the driver completes their route:

  • Driver Completes a Pickup and the Associated Deliveries are Updated in the WebApp

When a pickup stop is made, then the deliveries associated with that pickup move to the Out for Delivery status. If you have multiple pickups on your route, only the relevant deliveries will update.

  • Driver Completes a Stop Out of Order

Though you may have supplied the driver with a specific route, it is still possible for the driver to complete a stop out of order. This gives the driver flexibility in case of an unforeseen incident while out on the road. These status updates will be reflected on the Dashboard. If there are any issues with completing a route out of order, please work with your driver to remediate any issues and remember, you can edit the route to reorder based on changes that occur throughout your day.

If you have questions, please contact us at A Dispatch team member will reach out to you for support.

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