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How can I dress for success with Dispatch?
How can I dress for success with Dispatch?

Guidance on safe clothing for warehouses, job sites and other frequent Dispatch pickup and drop off locations

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One of the great benefits of being an independent contractor is the control you have over how you represent yourself and your business. Customers expect drivers to pick up and deliver their items safely, starting with being safely dressed.

  • Customers require closed-toed shoes

  • Customers appreciate:

    • Plain shirts with short or long sleeves (some sites may require long sleeves)

    • Safe pants such as jeans or cargo pants; sweats and other loose-fitted clothing can be dangerous

    • Appropriate length shorts

  • Customers don't appreciate:

    • sandals (this is not ride sharing or food delivery; you are going to job sites)

    • overly tight or revealing clothing

    • tank tops, cut-offs, midriff tops, logos, or other gym-like attire

Customers can request that a driver be denied from their orders if they see that you aren't appropriately dressed.

Also, remember that some orders require Construction Site PPE, equipment worn to prevent serious workplace injuries. PPE equipment Includes items like a hard hat, vest, and closed-toed shoes.

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