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Live Chat Support

In this article, you’ll learn how and when to use live chat support with Dispatch.

Solution: To understand when Dispatch Support is available and how they can help you with active orders.

Where It’s Available

Currently, Live Chat is available in all markets for all drivers.

What It Looks Like

To access Live Chat, click the Settings gear on the top left side of the Dispatch App home screen.


Then scroll to the bottom of the screen to the “Chat with us!” button.


From there, you’ll be able to start a conversation with a Dispatch Support rep by clicking “send us a message.

To connect with a Dispatch Support rep, click “Problem with an active order.

Screen Shot 2022-08-15 at 5.09.28 PM

When To Use Live Chat

An alternative to calling the Dispatch Support phone line, Live Chat offers drivers the ability to access live support via in-app text messaging. 

Use Live Chat Support for:

  • Issues with an existing order
  • Being unassigned from an order
  • Updates to an existing order

Clicking "Submit an adjustment" or "Submit a vehicle update" will give you access to the Driver Adjustment and Vehicle Change Request forms.

For non-urgent help, “General driver question” will help you with some frequently asked questions or prompt you to email the drivercare@dispatchit.com address.

When To NOT Use Chat

Live support is for ACTIVE ORDERS ONLY. Please note that this does not replace the current process of reaching out to customers. You should still call the customer’s pickup or drop-off contact before reaching out to Dispatch Support.

When Are Reps Available

A representative will be available to chat Monday - Friday, 7:00AM-5:00PM CST. Support hours may expand in the future.

Other Notes

Look out for other incoming chat messages from Dispatch. These could be reminders or reaching out about an available order. Be sure to respond to these messages promptly.

Please direct all driver questions to drivercare@dispatchit.com.