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Marketplace: Cancellation of Orders

In this article, you will learn what happens when an order is canceled.

Solution: To give you an understanding of the order cancellation process and what drivers get paid.

How We Handle Cancellations

Any concerns or questions about deliveries, payment, wait times, vehicle size requests, etc. you should call Dispatch Support. These should not be addressed with the customer and can lead to a violation.

If an order is canceled when you are in route to pickup, you get $7.50. The order needs to be on you for more than 5 minutes to receive the $7.50.

If an order is canceled when you are at the pickup destination, you get half the amount listed on the order.

If an order is canceled when you are on their way to your drop-off destination, you get paid in full.

If you have questions, please contact us at drivercare@dispatchit.com. A representative from Dispatch will reach out to you for support.