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Marketplace Multi-Stop

In this article, you will learn about Multi-Stop and how it works.

Solution: To get an understanding of how multiple drop-offs work.

Customers often have multiple deliveries originating from a single pickup location. They are able to combine these deliveries for efficiency by using the Multi-Stop option.

A customer can enter one pickup address and up to ten drop-off locations. The pickup and each drop-off location must be within 60 miles of the pickup location. You’ll get an alert telling you to remove a drop-off location, or to place a separate order with the drop-offs, if it cannot be completed in one day.

Note: There are delivery level notifications available.

There are proof of delivery options for each drop-off location.

Limitations on Accepting Orders

A driver can claim additional orders during a Multi-Stop order. However, multi-stop and ASAP orders are considered in the same category. Drivers are restricted to 2 ASAP or multi-stop orders.

Organizing Drop-Offs

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the parcels you pick up from the original destination are all labeled. This will tell you which packages go to which drop-off locations.

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