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Marketplace - User Management

In this article, we will show you how to manage the users associated with your organization and within your user account.

Creating a User

The Users tab is where organization administrators can manage all users that have access to the organization within the Dispatch Platform. To add a new user, click the Create New User button.

Marketplace - User Management Image 1

Below are the required fields when creating a new user.


Marketplace - User Management Image 2

When you create a new user you need to grant them appropriate permissions. These are the different permission levels available to choose from within the Marketplace application:

  • Organization Admin: Can manage all aspects of their organization in Dispatch. Highest level of permissions.
  • Dispatcher: Responsible for placing orders with Dispatch. Can create, cancel, and edit orders, and manage locations for an organization.
  • Billing Contact: Can update organization details and billing information.

If you are a Dispatch Connect customer, you will also have the option to grant Dispatch Connect-specific permissions. For more about these permissions, please see Connect Permissions.

Please note, if a user does not have any assigned permissions, they will not be able to access the application.

Editing Users

If you ever need to edit a user, navigate to the Dispatchers list and click the Edit button to the right of the user you need to edit. 

Marketplace - User Management Image 3

Deactivating Users

Anyone with the Organization admin role can deactivate users. Find the user you wish to deactivate. In the Edit User section, click on the Deactivate Account button at the bottom of that person’s profile. You’ll be asked to confirm the deactivation. After you confirm, that person will immediately be logged out and their platform access will be revoked. 

Marketplace - User Management Image 4

Once the user has been deactivated you will see this confirmation message at the top of the user profile. If you need to reactivate the account for any reason you can do so from here.

Marketplace - User Management Image 5

Show All Users

Deactivated users will not show in your user list by default. If you do have any deactivated users there’s an inactive user toggle above the list of users which allows you to display all users or only active users.

Marketplace - User Management Image 6

Helpful Hint: 

The last sign in timestamp for every user is shown in a column on the Users tab. If you’re unsure if a user has successfully set up their account, you can check here to see if they’ve been able to sign in.

Marketplace - User Management Image 7

Password Requirements

When creating a new user account, you’ll have to select a password that contains the following:

  • At least 8 characters
  • At least one letter
  • At least one number
  • At least one special character

A combination of upper and lowercase letters is recommended.

If you have questions, please contact us at Support@Dispatchit.com. A representative from Dispatch will reach out to you for support.