Real-Time Driver Estimated Time of Arrival (ETAs)

In this article, you will learn how to view where your drivers are on their routes and the estimated time of arrival to their destination in addition to setting time buffer windows.

Solution: Gives you visibility into your orders so you know when your driver is expected to arrive at their delivery location as well as if your driver is behind schedule. In addition, this allows your recipient to be aware of the estimated time of arrival as well.


  • Delivery orders have been placed and a route has been sent to a driver.

Using the Estimated Time of Arrival Feature as a Web Application User

After you have your routes optimized and ready to go, this feature will display the Estimated Time of Arrival for each delivery. 

  • Connect subscribers will see updated ETAs each time a stop is completed
  • All calculated ETAs will use real-time traffic and historical data trends.


On the Dashboard in Connect, you will see the ETAs for the next stop on your routes once the first pickup stop is complete.


You can view the ETA of any stop along the route by hovering over its map pin. If the manifest’s first stop has not been completed yet, an ETA: Not Available message will show.


If the driver is running late, an additional icon will display next to the ETA message.

The Delivery Details fly-out on the plan view, map view, and list view will display the ETAs as well.

Showing Estimated Time to Arrival to your Customers

If desired, you can choose to show delivery recipients the ETA for their delivery. To show ETAs on the Delivery Status Page, toggle on the Show recipient estimated time of arrival (ETA) setting in the Notification Settings.

Setting Time Buffers

If you choose to enable showing ETAs to recipients, you also have the ability to configure a time buffer or cushion that determines the precision of ETAs Connect shows customers. This enables you to provide transparency to your customers while also giving the driver some leeway if there is traffic, unexpected delays, or if he/she needs to take a break.


Estimated time or arrival buffer time is configured In the Notification Settings. The buffer time you select will be added after the ETA to create a delivery window. For example, if the ETA is calculated to be 2:30PM and you have configured a buffer time window of 15 minutes, the customer will be shown an arrival time of 2:30-2:45PM. Buffer time is applied to all stops, pickups and drop-offs, and cannot be overridden for individual deliveries.

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