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Redeeming Volume-Based Credits

In this article, you will learn about redeeming Volume-Based Credits and how it works.

Solution: To understand how Volume-Based Credits are redeemed.

How do I view my Credits?

Credits are accumulated on a quarterly basis. If you have available credits, you’ll see them in your account as shown below along with an expiration date.

Redeeming Volume-Based Credits Image 1

Also, below is how the Volume-Based Credits display when you are placing a new order. The Volume-Based Credits auto-apply themselves to the order’s Estimated Total. Then the Remaining Credit Balance is shown.

Redeeming Volume-Based Credits Image 2

How are my Credits redeemed?

Below is what the order placement page will look like after credits have been applied. You can see the Order Detail Page and what the Email Notification will look like.

Redeeming Volume-Based Credits Image 3

Here is how the Volume-Based Credits redemption will look on your invoice. The credits will show below the “Activity” portion of the invoice.

Redeeming Volume-Based Credits Image 4

Credits do NOT roll over. They expire at the end of each quarter. Credits only apply to Dispatch Marketplace orders.

What are Volume-Based Credits?

If you want more information on what Volume-Based Credits are see this article for the basics of the program.

If you have questions, please contact us at support@dispatchit.com. A representative from Dispatch will reach out to you for support.