Time Saving Hints & Tricks

In this article, you will learn all about the hints and tricks you can use in Dispatch Connect.

Solution: Ensure you are aware of all the features offered that make your planning smoother and faster.


Setting Default Pickup Address

In the Connect Settings when you enter your organization address you can toggle on the Use organization address as default pickup option. This will add your pickup location automatically on every order with the ability to override it if needed. This is especially useful if the majority of your deliveries are picked up from a single warehouse or other location.

Repeating an Order

In order to repeat an order, navigate to the Delivery Management page by clicking the link in the top menu bar. Use the calendar ribbon to select the date of the delivery you wish to duplicate or scroll through the list. On the far right of the specific delivery you want to repeat, select the three dot menu, and select Repeat Delivery. This will open the New Delivery form populated with all the same delivery and pickup information. This is a great time saver if you frequently deliver to the same customers and want to avoid duplicating delivery details.

Customize Route Names

You have the ability to name your routes. This can be helpful if you group your deliveries by region or some other distinguishable factor.

Once you start building your manifests you have the option to name the routes using the Pencil Icon.

After you type in the route name, click Save.

Delivery Notification Settings

Delivery notifications can be customized with your branding. On the settings page, fill in the Recipient Facing Organization Name and Contact Phone Number then click Save. This will change how recipients of your deliveries see your brand represented in emails, SMS messages, and on the delivery status page. The Contact Phone number field allows your recipients to see your preferred phone number for who to contact with questions about their delivery status.

The following are the locations you will see the branding displayed.

At the top of the order status page:

At the bottom of the order details page:

In emails and SMS notifications your recipients receive:

Auto-fill Integration

The Auto-Fill integration pulls your data directly into Dispatch Connect from your existing ERP, reducing order creation time by 50% or more. The information will be updated on-demand, removing any hassles with bulk uploads or waiting for a nightly push of data.

API Integration

With the API integration, you’re linking your existing ERP platform to Dispatch Connect. This allows you to create deliveries within Dispatch Connect programmatically and view information about a specific delivery by delivery ID.


If you have questions, please contact us at connectsupport@dispatchit.com. A Dispatch team member will reach out to you for support.