Using the Dispatch Marketplace to Fulfill Dispatch Connect Deliveries

In this article, you will learn about the Dispatch Marketplace, when you may want to leverage the Marketplace to complete your deliveries, and actions for managing that process.


  • You must be in a Dispatch supported location 

Common Scenarios

You can send any delivery to the Dispatch Marketplace, but common scenarios and examples include the following:

  • When you have a hot shot (time-sensitive) delivery
  • When you've reached capacity with your fleet
  • When there is only a small part to deliver
  • When your staff doesn't want to take away from their core responsibilities
  • When it's outside your normal delivery area
  • When you experience peak seasons

Send a Delivery to the Marketplace

Dispatch Connect lets you manage all of your Dispatch Marketplace orders and the deliveries your drivers are completing in one place. From the Dashboard, choose an unassigned delivery in the Today’s Deliveries section and click the Select Vehicle drop-down. You will see the option to Send to Dispatch.

From your Delivery Management page, you can perform this same action by scrolling to the unassigned delivery you wish to send to the Dispatch Marketplace, select the menu, and choose Send to Dispatch. 


Selecting Send to Dispatch will open a new browser tab and will take you to the Marketplace Order Form where you can schedule your delivery with Dispatch Marketplace.

The Marketplace Order Form will be populated with relevant data from your Connect delivery, though you will be required to validate the fields and select a vehicle type and service level before you submit your order.

After creating the Marketplace Order, refresh the Dispatch Connect Dashboard to see a Dispatch Driver card on the Dashboard and the Pickup location, Drop-off location, and orange route line on the Dashboard Map.  


On the Delivery Management page, a Dispatch ‘D’ Icon will appear to the left of the delivery Reference ID to denote that delivery has been sent to the Dispatch Marketplace. The delivery status also reads Sent to Dispatch.

All other details will live within the Marketplace application, separate from your Dispatch Connect interface and experience.

Once the Delivery has been completed on the Dispatch Marketplace, the Dispatch Driver card on the Dashboard and the delivery within Delivery Management will show an updated status of Complete. The icons on the Dashboard Map will become grey.


View Details for a Delivery Sent to the Marketplace

If you need to make changes to your marketplace order, the Dispatch Marketplace is just a few clicks away. You can easily access the order by opening the Delivery Detail Fly Out on the Delivery Management page and selecting Open Marketplace Order.


This action will navigate you directly to the Marketplace Order where you can review details in full.

Cancel a Delivery Sent to the Marketplace

To cancel a Delivery that has been sent to the Dispatch Marketplace, navigate to the Delivery Management page and click the menu for the delivery. Select Cancel Marketplace Order from the drop-down.

This action will take you to the Cancellation Screen within the Dispatch Marketplace where you can select your cancellation reason and provide additional information.


When your Dispatch Marketplace order is canceled, the Dispatch Connect Delivery will revert back to a status of Unassigned. The Dispatch Driver card and route on the Dashboard will be removed. You can then take the following actions:

  • Send the delivery back to the Dispatch Marketplace at any time under a new order.
  • Schedule the delivery on one of your routes by assigning the delivery to a route.
  • Cancel the delivery within Connect.

Please note that deliveries sent to the Dispatch Marketplace cannot be canceled via the Connect APIs.

If you have questions, please contact us at A Dispatch team member will reach out to you for support.