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Volume-Based Credits

In this article, you will learn about the Volume-Based Credits program and how it all works.

Solution: To understand how Volume-Based Credits work and if you are eligible.

What are Volume-Based Credits?

Volume-Based Credits are given to branch-level accounts or companies based on quarterly amounts spent. An agreement is made by the customer to commit to a certain spend amount. Then Dispatch provides the credits in their account, which are automatically applied to any orders placed. The customer will see the credits when they are entering an order, near the estimated total. 

Below is an example of what you’ll see as you earn credits by placing orders. 

Note: The date the credits will be available is just below the amount.

Volume-Based Credits Image 1

Below is how you will see the total amount of credits you have to utilize.

Note: Under the amount of credits is the date the credits will expire.

Volume-Based Credits Image 2

Below is what displays as available options when you enter your order details. Note, the Volume-Based Credits auto-apply themselves to the order’s Estimated Total. The Remaining Credit Balance is under the total:

Volume-Based Credits Image 3


Below is what the order placement page will look like when credits have been applied. You can see the Order Detail Page and what the Email Notification will look like.


Volume-Based Credits Image 4

Credits do NOT roll over. They expire at the end of each quarter. Credits only apply to Dispatch Marketplace orders.

How to Qualify

Speaking to a delivery expert to determine if a branch or company qualifies is the first step. The second step, if eligible, is signing the terms and conditions agreement.

Customers in the program will get a percentage of their total spend credited to their account, as determined by the initial contract agreement that was set up.

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