Will Call

In this article, you will learn how to send orders to Will Call within the Dispatch Connect Dashboard.

Solution: To learn how to utilize the Will Call tool in your daily order planning.

Place a Will Call Order

From your New Delivery Order Form, to the right of Reference ID, you can check the box labeled Will Call to assign an order to Will Call. This will indicate a customer is picking up the item from your location.


Under Will Call Information, fill out the customer’s information. You have the option to Save Customer to Address Book.


Next you’ll Schedule Pickup. Fill out those details. Choose the date the item(s) will be ready for pickup. For the time frames we suggest you use your location hours. Add any notes such as “bring your order form, have your ID, pick up at back counter,” etc.


Lastly, decide if you want the customer to get notifications. Select which type and add their phone or email address. Click Save Delivery.

You will then see it show up on the Dashboard under the Will Call card. It will remain there until the order is picked up. It will not move to Incomplete or Canceled.


Complete a Will Call Order

To complete the will call order click the three-dot menu and select Mark as Complete.

On clicking mark as complete this modal will pop open auto filling the recipient name. To complete the order just click Complete Order.

The order will then move to the Complete card in the dashboard.

Will Call Order Details

When you click into the order the Delivery Details pop up will display as shown below.

Edit/Cancel a Will Call Order

In order to edit a Will Call order you’ll have to click on the three-dot menu, click on Edit Delivery, and uncheck the Will Call box. 

In order to cancel a Will Call order, you’ll click on the three-dot menu and select Cancel Delivery.

Note: You cannot drag and drop Will Call orders from one column to another.


If you have questions, please contact us at connectsupport@dispatchit.com. A Dispatch team member will reach out to you for support.