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Delivery Detail Page
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In this article, you will learn what can be viewed on the delivery detail page, how to share the link, and how to access this page.

Solution: To allow Connect users to see summary data from their completed deliveries.


  • A Connect subscription

How to Get Here

  1. You are able to access the delivery detail page in numerous ways. The most common is by clicking on the underlined Reference ID of an order on the Dashboard.

Delivery Detail Page Image 1

2. Through the shareable link that is provided with the completed order. You are able to share this link with anyone, including customers who do not need a login to view it.

Delivery Detail Page Image 2

This is what the Delivery Detail pop-up looks like:

Delivery Detail Page Image 3

Delivery Detail Page

This is a delivery in progress and its detail page.

Delivery Detail Page Image 4

When you go into the Delivery Details you’ll see the following order details and sections:

  • Reference ID and Current Status at the top

  • Size of delivery

  • Date

  • Pickup time, address, notes, and duration

  • Drop-Off time, address, notes, and duration

  • ETA (if not delivered yet)

  • History of app actions

Delivery Detail Page Image 5

You can also view Driver and Vehicle Details

You can view Route

  • Contains a map of the route

Delivery Detail Page Image 6

You can view Drop-Off Details (Completed delivery pictured above)

  • Duration

  • Delivery Completed At

  • Recipient

  • Delivery Comments - anything the driver wanted to notate

  • Drop-Off Signature (optional except when using Will Call)

  • Delivery Image (required)

Delivery Detail Page Image 7

Additional Menu

There’s a three-dot menu at the top right where you can:

  • Repeat Delivery

  • Edit Delivery

  • Unassign Delivery

  • Cancel Delivery

  • Send to Dispatch (For more information on this option click here)

  • Reassign Delivery

If you have questions, please contact us at A Dispatch team member will reach out to you for support.

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