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Dispatch Connect Overview
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In this article you will get an introduction to the Dispatch Connect product.

Why Dispatch Connect

Dispatch Connect is the all-in-one solution to efficiently optimize, route, and track your deliveries while providing visibility to your customers with real-time updates. For your overflow deliveries, the Dispatch network of drivers has you covered. Easily integrated into your business operation, Dispatch Connect allows you to get back to what matters –– growing your business.

To learn more about Dispatch Connect and the value it provides to your business or organization, click here.

Connect Web Application

The Connect Web Application is the central hub for collecting, organizing, and scheduling your deliveries. From Connect, you can use the Dashboard to add deliveries to vehicles, create and optimize routes, assign drivers, visualize routes on the map and see drivers’ current locations.

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Create your vehicles and set up your organization preferences in Connect Settings.

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Connect is accessible on the latest stable version of all major web browsers, but to ensure the best experiences, we recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox to access the platform. Dispatch Connect no longer supports Internet Explorer 11.

Connect Mobile Application

The Connect Mobile Application is how dispatchers communicate with drivers during the day. From the Dispatch App, the driver can review assigned routes and delivery details, complete stops, capture proof of delivery information, and receive push notifications for any changes made.

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Connect API

Link your existing ERP platform with the free API integration to create orders in Connect programmatically and view information by delivery ID.

An API (Application Programming Interface) is the technology that allows two separate systems to communicate with each other. It improves the process of getting data from your existing business applications into our platform –– ultimately lessening the need for manual data entry and automating processes.

Benefits of incorporating the API into your business:

  • Creating estimates allowing you to compare Dispatch to other delivery services.

  • Opening up new delivery options for your customers through checkout integration.

  • Automating delivery creation.

  • Automatically getting updated statuses as a delivery progresses.

  • Eliminating the need for manual data input and verification within the Dispatch platform by keeping data in-sync between your tools and our products.

  • Increasing overall data accuracy by reducing human error in the data entry process.

  • Obtaining branch level information about a specific delivery by location ID.

There is only one API key needed for multi-tier organizations. Branch levels can then generate their own API keys that allow them to access the API level of their hierarchy only. It’s similar to assigning user access levels in a product.

You have the ability to view data as a whole organization, as well as at the branch level. You can also see a list of all the branches beneath the main company. In addition, you can place an order at the branch level.With our step-by-step guides, your engineering or development resources will be able to write the code necessary to connect your system to ours.

If you have minimal development resources you can use the Auto-Fill integration to pull data directly from your ERP system into Connect — reducing order creation time by half.

If you have API questions, please contact us at A representative from Dispatch will reach out to you for support.

If you have questions, please contact us at A Dispatch team member will reach out to you for support.

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