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Dispatch Connect Dashboard
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In this article, you will get an introduction to the Dispatch Connect Dashboard and how to navigate.

Solution: To gather all your important order data in one central location, with three different views for navigation.

Connect Dashboard Main Page

When you first login to Dispatch Connect, you will come to the Dashboard page. This contains all the information you need about today’s orders. For a video tour click here.

In the top menu bar you can:

Dispatch Connect Dashboard Image 1
  • Search for a delivery in the search box by reference ID, address, date, status, size, vehicle/driver, and created by

  • Enter a new delivery

You can select between Plan View, Map View, and List View in the upper right to customize your view.

Dispatch Connect Dashboard Image 2

Order Statuses/Vehicles

You’ll view a breakdown of orders by these statuses, or by Vehicle:

  • Unassigned orders - Orders that have been placed but not assigned to a vehicle yet

  • Incomplete orders - Orders that were not completed on a route the previous day

  • Attempted Orders - Orders that had been attempted to be delivered and were not

  • Sent to Dispatch - Orders sent to the Dispatch Marketplace for delivery

  • Complete - Orders that have been delivered

  • Canceled - Orders that have been canceled

Dispatch Connect Dashboard Image 3

You can drag and drop from Unassigned onto a specific vehicle or back to unassigned, to bulk, and to single delivery. Click here for a video tutorial of this feature.

Saving Routes

To save a route you will see Save Route in the left-hand corner of your vehicle card.

Dispatch Connect Dashboard Image 4

Once you have deliveries on the card you can click it and it will open an input. You can name the route and click save.

Dispatch Connect Dashboard Image 5

Once you have a saved route you can load it onto a vehicle by clicking the dropdown load saved route.

Dispatch Connect Dashboard Image 6

At any point, you can edit or delete the route by clicking the edit icon to the right of the route name. Please note if you add a saved route to multiple vehicles it will create duplicate deliveries.

You can save routes and then load saved routes on any vehicle and on any future day. To view a video on how to save routes click here.

Additional Information

When you click on the reference number of the delivery the details will pop up.

You have the option to toggle each vehicle on by moving the slider to Active.

When orders are unassigned, you can use the Plan My Route button to assign them to vehicles.

Dispatch Connect Dashboard Image 7

When orders are assigned to vehicles you have the option to use the Optimize My Route button so the best routes are created based on the stops you assigned to the vehicle.

Dispatch Connect Dashboard Image 8

When viewing orders by vehicle, you can also select a driver in the dropdown. If no drivers exist yet, you can set them up in the Connect Settings under Add User.

Dashboard Views

Here are the new views you can choose from:

Plan View (below)

Dispatch Connect Dashboard Image 9

Plan View is the most comprehensive view where you can view orders by status, vehicle, and on the map.

Map View (below)

Dispatch Connect Dashboard Image 10

On the Map View you can filter by vehicles, selecting or deselecting a vehicle which will then update the map. You also have the option to expand the map.

List View (below)

Dispatch Connect Dashboard Image 11

On List View you can filter by Delivery Status.

Route Style

If you are a Connect Professional customer, you can click on the Route Style button on a map and choose from Straight line or Driver route. This will adjust the routes on your map to either be straight lines from one point to the next (Straight line), or turn-by-turn routes (Driver route).

Dispatch Connect Dashboard Image 12
Dispatch Connect Dashboard Image 13

If you have questions, please contact us at A Dispatch team member will reach out to you for support.

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