Sexual Assault & Discrimination
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Recognition and reporting of sexual assault and misconduct

Sexual misconduct is an umbrella term used to refer to many different problematic sexual behaviors. Sexual assault, on the other hand, refers to criminal types of sexual behavior or contact. The court system in California treats sexual misconduct and assault very seriously.

What are the four types of sexual misconduct?

  • Sexual assault

  • Sexual harassment

  • Domestic violence

  • Dating violence and stalking

Sexual Misconduct Reporting

Reporting sexual misconduct can be difficult and the involved parties may experience a multitude of emotions when considering whether or not to report such conduct.

Dispatch encourages complainants/victims/survivors (or witnesses to such behavior) to prioritize their personal safety and physical/emotional well-being to maintain health and safety. It is also important to consider reporting the conduct so steps can be taken to prevent this conduct from happening to anyone else.

Dispatch seeks to empower complainants/victims/survivors to know that we support reporting this conduct and want to address it quickly. Initiating an investigation is not required or forced upon a complainant/victim/survivor. All reports are taken seriously.

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