Dispatch Driver Management Policy

Overview of the requirements of driving for Dispatch and maintaining your status on the platform.

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Section 1: Onboarding & Training

Below are the minimum requirements for drivers to participate on the Dispatch platform:

  • Pass federal-level background check

  • Clean driving record - no major violation in last 5 years, no more than 3 minor violations in last 3 years

  • Possesses car insurance (ideally commercial) & provides proof of vehicle ownership

  • Must be able to lift a minimum of 50 lbs

  • Able to communicate with customers in a professional manner

  • Software: iOS 15 or later, Android 10 or later

In addition, drivers must agree to abide by our Driver Community Standards & Dispatch Terms & Conditions. Before claiming their first order, drivers must complete a "Welcome to Dispatch" overview training (self-paced).

Dispatch offers monthly webinars for our driver community to hear best practices and upcoming product changes. These are a great opportunity for drivers to understand expectations and how to apply them to daily deliveries.

In addition, drivers may request 1 on 1 coaching as needed by emailing our Driver Support team. Our goal is to help our drivers be successful and maximize their income potential with our services.

Section 2: Sunrun Certifications

To be eligible for Sunrun deliveries, drivers must agree to abide by the Sunrun Expectations as outlined and complete a formal coaching or training with Dispatch.

If a driver is found in violation of these expectations, they will be removed from participation in future Sunrun deliveries.

Section 3. Violations & Consequences

We aim to maintain best-in-class customer satisfaction, including professionalism, promptness, and reliability. To that end, Dispatch will discipline drivers who fail to meet our standards of service:

  • Tier 1: Issues are addressed via a driver warning notice and completion of self-service training. These are typically small errors that are easily corrected, like:

    • Overcommitment of orders that result in late deliveries

    • Severely delayed customer pickup/drop-off without notifying the customer or Dispatch

    • Incorrect swiping/status updates

    • Leaving delivery items unattended at the drop-off location without customer consent

    • Poor or missing Proof of Delivery documentation

    • Unsafe or unprofessional attire

  • Tier 2: Issues that are more serious and could trigger an immediate suspension of up to 7 days. Drivers will need to attend a 1 on 1 coaching call to reactivate their account. Examples of these errors include, but are not limited to:

    • Pattern of repeat Tier 1 offenses, despite training/coaching provided

    • Unprofessional language or behavior towards a customer

    • Driving in an unapproved vehicle

    • Circumventing Dispatch platform, including:

      • Discuss payment details with customers

      • Incorrectly listing wait times

      • Refusing to take items from an order at pickup

      • Failing to complete all delivery steps required

    • Releasing 2 scheduled orders within 2 hours of pickup time within 7 days

  • Tier 3: These severe incidents trigger a permanent deactivation of the Driver account. Examples include, but are not limited to:

    • Pattern of repeat Tier 2 offenses, despite training/coaching provided

    • Identity theft or fraud

    • Lost, stolen, or damaged customer property, including delivery items, outdoor landscaping, or customer vehicles

    • Customer harassment

    • Blatant disregard for safety protocols

    • Sharing app access to unapproved drivers

    • Driving while under the influence

    • Engagement in conduct that negatively affects Dispatch's reputation

When the Dispatch team receives a complaint regarding a driver, they will reach out to the driver to ensure we have obtained all information necessary to make a decision. The driver will be notified within 24 hours of the conversation on the status and next steps of the investigation. Once the disciplinary action has been issued, the driver may appeal the action but should be prepared that the appeal may be denied.

Customers may request not to be matched with specific drivers based on previous history (including other apps). Dispatch will attempt to obtain additional information and offer the driver corrective action to resolve the complaint. In some cases, Dispatch may request that the driver refrain from claiming orders for that particular customer to avoid termination from the platform.

The best way for drivers to avoid these disciplinary actions is to show up on time, be courteous and professional, and follow all delivery instructions.

Section 5. Deactivation Appeals process

  • Deactivated drivers may submit an appeal using the linked form to driversuccess@dispatchit.com.

  • The form must be completed and submitted to us no more than 30 days after the deactivation.

  • We must respond within 7 days of receiving the form.

  • Dispatch will review the driver feedback with supervisor input and conduct additional investigation as necessary.

  • Appeal decisions are final.

Section 6. Harassment-Free Environment.

Dispatch is committed to ensuring an organization and independent contractor driver network free of harassment, discrimination, and retaliation for all our stakeholders, including the users of our services and our independent drivers. To uphold this commitment, Dispatch takes all allegations of harassment, discrimination, or retaliation seriously and will support our drivers and users with an impartial investigation of all reports of harassment or discrimination.

If you feel you've been subject to such actions, please submit a complaint by contacting us via phone, email, in-app chat, or by filling out the Incident Report Form.

More details on our Harassment policy can be found here.

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