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How do I set up my payment information?
How do I set up my payment information?
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In this article, you will learn how to set up your Stripe account so you can get paid.

Solution: To help new drivers to set up their Stripe account.

Setting Up Stripe

When you log in to the Dispatch app for the first time you'll need to click the "Get Started Now" button to set up your Stripe account. You'll need to have a Stripe account before you can see any orders.


From there you will fill in either your debit card or checking/routing numbers.* Once you have completed entering the information, you must click “I’ll do it later”- this will bring you back to the Dispatch app.

The driver work week runs from Sunday-Saturday with payouts on Monday. You won't be able to see available orders in the app until your Stripe account is set up.

It can take banks 5-7 business days to set this up so depending on when you set this up, your first payment might occur the following Monday.

Info on You Being an Independent Contractor

Remember that as a 1099 independent contractor you will not have taxes deducted from your earnings. At year’s end you will receive a 1099 tax form with your earnings for the year if you earned $600 or more driving with Dispatch. Consult a tax professional to learn more about how to pay taxes or claim expenses.

*Checking/Routing number is encouraged over a debit card when possible in case your card is lost or stolen. We don’t want you to experience any delays in getting paid.

You’re able to get a quick view of what you’ve earned for the day, week and month with a running total until your next payout under the Profile tab.


A more in-depth look at your earnings can be found in Stripe. You can also track Rewards from this screen when Dispatch offers promotions.

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