How do I refer other drivers?
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In this article, you’ll learn how to properly refer someone to drive with Dispatch.

Solution: To see how you can refer others to become a Dispatch Driver and the benefits of a successful referral.

How It Works

When a potential driver starts the application process, one of the first questions they’re asked is, “How did you hear about us?

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After clicking “Referral” they’ll be asked who referred them. Please note that in order to receive the referral bonus the referrer needs to be an active Dispatch Driver. An active driver is any driver that has gone through the Dispatch onboarding process.

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Dispatch will then monitor the referred driver’s progress toward their bonus goal.

The Bonus

Your referral needs to complete 30 deliveries in their first 60 days to qualify for the bonus.

Once your referral reaches that milestone, they’ll receive a $100 bonus and you’ll receive a $200 bonus.

Your bonus will show up in your earnings once your referral has completed the number of deliveries needed.

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If you know your referral has reached their goal but neither of you have received the bonus yet, you can reach out to to get those bonuses added.

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