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How should I secure cargo in my vehicle?
How should I secure cargo in my vehicle?
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In this article, we discuss tips to securing cargo and delivering safely.

Solution: To understand how to safely secure any cargo in your vehicle.

Safety is the most important part of courier work. That starts with driving cautiously and ends with making sure that all cargo is secure before leaving the pickup location.

For cargo vans and pickup trucks it is recommended that you keep at least a few ratchet straps in your vehicle as well as an assortment of bungee cords and some blankets. You will see pallet orders and other large items that MUST be secured prior to departure. Many mid-size deliveries will be made up of multiple boxes or perhaps buckets of paint, so it’s best to secure those with a ratchet or bungees when possible. While safety equipment may not be needed for smaller “car size” deliveries it is still required that drivers have all boxes/buckets/cargo in a safe spot where they cannot move. Storing items in the trunk is preferable.

Failure to secure items may lead to damaged cargo, insurance claims, and deactivation from the app. Shifting cargo can also be harmful to the driver. Protect yourself and protect your cargo.

There are great resources online if you are unfamiliar with how to use a ratchet strap. Some general tips:

  • Make sure cargo is secure before applying ratchet strap.

  • Always pull as much of the strap as possible through the ratchet before beginning to crank/tighten. This will ensure that the load is tight/secure and will prevent the strap from “bulking up” too much and blocking the release lever.

  • Completely remove the strap from the ratchet after each use before storing.

  • Ratchet straps are rated by their weight capacities, ranging from a light strap for 300 pounds to a heavy-duty strap that can support up to 10,000 pounds. Make sure to weigh your cargo so you can choose the correct straps to support it.

Ratchet straps also have a wide variety of sizes and end fittings to secure many different sizes of loads. Choose the length you’ll need and the type of hardware that will work best, such as flat hooks, snap hooks, wire hooks, grab hooks, s-hooks, and more.

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