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How do I successfully complete a solar delivery?
How do I successfully complete a solar delivery?
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In this article you'll learn the correct way to handle solar deliveries.

Solution: To understand the specific needs of solar deliveries and how we can ensure every order is successful. Sunrun schedules orders in advance because they need them delivered on time. When you claim the order, you commit to delivering on time. Avoid releasing claimed orders in the early morning on the day of delivery, it will impact your ability to claim future scheduled orders

Accepting Solar Orders

  • Please only claim orders you can deliver on time

    • Avoid overbooking at the same time slot on the same day

    • Certain locations may request you take only one order, typically due to size of load

    • Only take 1 order containing a battery

  • If you can fit 2, make sure:

    • They have the same pickup location

    • Allow time to load/offload

    • Deliver on time

Our team completes daily quality checks to ensure driver compliance with these initiatives.

Safe Loading

  • All panels must be loaded on a pallet

  • Always stay out of the way of forklifts

  • Drivers should not be in their vehicle while loading

  • Make sure what is on your order is in your vehicle

  • Use straps to safely tie down your load to keep you and the product safe (the picture below shows a load secured in the front and back)

    • Make sure boxes and panels are secure

    • Be careful not to over-tighten straps as it may cause damage to the product

      Screen Shot 2023-07-19 at 9.27.38 AM

Safe Drop-Off

Be extremely careful when offloading solar panels and batteries, panels can weigh 50+ lbs and batteries up to 250lbs.

  • Use gloves when possible

  • Move one panel at a time

  • Don't drag panels

  • Do not tamper with materials (I.E. removing labels, unpackaging batteries)

  • For battery unloads, please wait for crew to assist with offload*

    • If crew is unable to assist contact support immediately.

    For panel only unloads; identify a safe place to leave the materials by speaking to the crew on-site, or to the homeowner. If no guidance is available, please reach out to the drop-off contact or Dispatch Support. Some suggestions:

  • Out of sight in the back or side of house

  • In the shade if possible

  • Neatly stacked on a flat surface (Glass side of the panel facing upwards)

  • Never stack against a garage door, vehicle, any other customer property or blocking an entry into the home

*When in doubt, please contact Dispatch Support for guidance. Do not leave a dropoff with materials to be returned without speaking to a Dispatch Support team member. We will help you complete the delivery successfully by contacting the customer.

Completing the delivery

Lastly, you'll need to provide a proof of delivery once everything has been offloaded:

Step back and make sure all materials can be seen in the picture. It's also helpful to take an extra picture or two on your camera roll as backup. Panels face up!

Screen Shot 2023-06-20 at 12_04_45 PM

Note: Properly stacked pallets shouldn't be blocking vehicles or garage access. They should be neatly stacked on the ground with the bottom panel face up.

Pallet & Packaging Disposal

Sunrun utilizes multiple services in order to remove pallets and delivery materials from their dropoffs:

  1. Pallet and Packaging Add-On You are expected to take the delivery pallets, broken down cardboard and bags of delivery packaging from the site. Pallets can be returned back to the warehouse or disposed of properly where you see fit.

    1. You will see this as an added line item on your payout "Pallet and Packaging Removal"

    2. If the add-on is not on your order, contact Dispatch support before removing any materials at the customer's request

  2. Scrap Runs- this delivery will be the pallets, flattened cardboard and bags of delivery materials from several Sunrun deliveries to be delivered back to the warehouse. There will be multiple pallets, and bags of materials along with broken down cardboard.

    1. These are scheduled orders with a full payout and drop off time

In all cases:

  • Please use the dumpster for all trash

  • TOP LEFT: Please stack carefully at warehouse locations or lay the pallets flat.

  • TOP RIGHT: Avoid a messy offload as pictured on the right.

  • BOTTOM LEFT: You can see a proper pallet and package return loaded by a driver.

  • BOTTOM RIGHT: If you are asked to remove excessive trash, or materials that are not broken down, or you are asked to take materials when the customer did not select the add-on, contact Dispatch support immediately, before completing the delivery.

Screen Shot 2023-11-16 at 8.36.37 AM
Screen Shot 2023-11-16 at 9.01.09 AM

Delivering Batteries & 14' Rails

Solar batteries can weigh approximately 250 pounds. This load will likely occupy your entire van so please check the order pickup notes. Please handle safely and get help whenever possible. Only accept 1 battery order.

Some orders may also contain 14' rails. This is very common for Sunrun orders in California and Texas. Make sure you can accommodate this extra length safely within your vehicle. You'll need either a extended van, vehicle with a pipe/ladder rack or a box truck.

Contact Support!

If the items is undeliverable, or you experience any issue please contact DIspatch Support in real time. Remember we can only help you if we know there is a problem! Please reach out so we can help you.

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