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In this article, you will learn how to utilize the Calendar Ribbon feature to set up deliveries for future dates within Dispatch Connect.

Solution: Allows you to plan for future delivery fulfillment in order to meet customer expectations, repeat an order, and view historical order information.


  • At least one active vehicle on the Dashboard

Scheduling in Advance

The calendar ribbon appears across the top of the Delivery Dashboard page. It provides users the ability to choose a specific date to view by sliding week to week or choosing a specific month from the calendar pop-out. There’s no limit to how far out you can schedule.

Click on a Date and then select New Delivery. Note: drivers cannot view any routes in the planning stages. You also cannot Send to Driver until the morning of the date you choose.

Calendar Ribbon Image 1

To go back to today’s date, click the Go to today’s deliveries link.

Calendar Ribbon Image 2

Optimizing Your Route

Once you have entered your future deliveries, you can Optimize the route just as you would previously.

Reviewing Incomplete Deliveries

Viewing Historical Routes

Click All Deliveries to see all the orders you’ve ever done. In Connect Professional, there is no limit to how far back you can go. Customers on the Connect Starter tier will be limited to 13 months of historical data. You can Select a Date or use the Search Box to find specific past orders.

Calendar Ribbon Image 3

Repeating a Previous Order

From plan view, map view, or list view on the Dashboard, enter the date of the delivery you wish to duplicate or scroll through the list. On the far right of the specific delivery you want to repeat, select the three-dot, or kebab menu, and select Repeat Delivery.

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If you have questions, please contact us at A Dispatch team member will reach out to you for support.

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