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Bulk Import Deliveries
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In this article, you will learn how to upload bulk data into Connect via a document import.

Solution: To get your orders into Connect in a faster manner via bulk upload.


  • A Connect subscription.

  • Customer and delivery information in a CSV template ready to upload.


If you haven’t downloaded our import template yet, do this first. Click on the Import deliveries button which takes you to the Import History Page. Then click on Download CSV Template link. Fill in the template with all your customer and order information and save it.

Import Deliveries

Click the Upload CSV link in the center of the box, then find and select your filled-out template. You will get a message saying “Your deliveries are being imported” in the box.

You will be unable to navigate away from this page during the upload process. Once the upload is complete a success or error message will appear. You can also see the status at the bottom in the Import History section. It will have the date, time, and which user did the upload.

If you upload a CSV with 10 deliveries and 5 were done correctly those 5 will already be uploaded and you will be able to view the 5 correct ones under Unassigned Deliveries.

Bulk Import Deliveries Image 1

If you upload your template and your CSV returns errors you will see a fix issues button in the table:

Bulk Import Deliveries Image 2

When you click the fix issues button it will open up a modal, or sheet, similar to an excel sheet:

Bulk Import Deliveries Image 3

You can click the next error button in order to get to the errors in the modal. The modal also scrolls vertically and horizontally.

Bulk Import Deliveries Image 4

It will jump to the error and tell you exactly what is missing. When you click into the error it will become an input text box and have hover text reminding you of the error.

Bulk Import Deliveries Image 5

Once you fix the error the cell goes back to normal. Once all the errors are fixed the next button is disabled and the done button becomes enabled.

Bulk Import Deliveries Image 6

Click done and all of the error deliveries will be successfully uploaded.

If you have questions, please contact us at A Dispatch team member will reach out to you for support.

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