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In this article, you will learn all the metrics that can be viewed on the Connect reporting page.

Solution: To allow Connect users to see summary data from their account.


  • A Connect subscription

Cost of Delivery

With Cost of Delivery you can see how much your deliveries are costing the company. You are able to adjust the data inputs in this chart by clicking on Widget Settings at the bottom of the chart.

Screen Shot 2023-01-23 at 1.57.16 PM

These are the values you can input (plus Other costs):

Reporing Page image 2

Dispatch will pull in the total amount of deliveries year-to-date, and the total miles driven. You can see your local average gas cost by clicking on Look up gas price, just below that field.

Click Save when you have everything filled out, and it will calculate for you.

Reporting Page Image 3

Additional Charts

You can view the following information in the additional charts on this page.

  • Optimized Miles by Day

  • Average Hours Spent on Routes

  • Route Length Driven by Vehicle

  • Number of Orders Your Vehicle Delivered

  • 5 Most Recent Orders Sent to Marketplace

Reporting Page Image 4

Map Data

At the bottom is similar to a heat map where it shows the most active delivery areas out of all your customers including Zip Codes You Deliver To Most and Locations You Deliver To Most.

Reporting Page Image 5

You can filter any of the data above by the last 7 days, the last month, or the last year.

Reporting Page Image 6

You can also export this data as a PDF file.

If you have questions, please contact us at A Dispatch team member will reach out to you for support.

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