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Connect Global Notifications

You’ll learn about the global notifications Dispatch Connect sends, how to add more recipients, and configure your notification settings.

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Solution: Providing visibility and increased customer service through setting up and sending notifications.


Organization Settings

This is where you set up who the notifications are “from”. You will put the Recipient Facing Organization Name and a Contact Phone Number that will appear on all notifications that are sent out. This can be found in the Organization Settings in the upper-right dropdown menu.

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Global Delivery Notification Settings

Before completing your first delivery with Dispatch Connect, we recommend configuring your Global Notification Settings.


  • Recipient Facing Organization Name: This field allows you to specify how your customers refer to your business. For example, the Dispatch application may have your official business name as Acme Inc, Branch 103, but you just want your customers to see Acme Inc.

  • Contact Phone Number: The phone number you want recipients to call if they have questions about their delivery. This will appear in email notifications and on the delivery status page.

  • Website Address: The website address you want recipients to see for your website.

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These settings will prompt notifications about deliveries executed on your own fleet as well as those completed by Dispatch Marketplace drivers.

Note: With the Connect Professional plan (tier 2), you have the ability to upload your company logo into the Connect Settings which will then appear on all SMS & Email notifications sent out.

Types of Notifications Available

You’ll choose a delivery format from the options of:

None, SMS and Email, SMS, or Email

Global Notification Settings:

  • Delivery Created

  • Out for Delivery

  • ETA Updated

  • Delivery Attempted

  • Delivery Complete

  • Delivery Canceled

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You can also customize by individual customers. See this article for more information.

If you have the Connect Professional plan (tier 2) you’re also able to customize each notification message text, as shown below. You can then preview the SMS or email notifications, and send a test SMS message. If you want to start over with your customization, you can click the Reset to Default button which will put the original (default) messaging back in place.

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For details on email notifications, see this article.

For details on SMS, or text, notifications see this article.

If you have questions, please contact us at A Dispatch team member will reach out to you for support.

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