What is Smart Order Matching?
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In this article, you’ll learn what Smart Order Matching is, how it works, and what you can expect to see in the app.

Solution: To explain how Smart Order Matching will affect drivers’ ability to receive orders.

Receiving Orders

All orders available in the next 24 hours will be offered to drivers one at a time based on their driver standing and location. Drivers will receive a push notification letting them know they were sent an order and how far away it is. They’ll have 45 seconds to accept or decline the order before it’s offered to the next available driver. If you swipe for more details, you'll get an additional 15 seconds to respond. Drivers still only see orders that will fit in their vehicle.


Accepting Orders

Once a driver accepts an order, Dispatch expects that the order will be completed promptly and on time.

Declining Orders

If a driver declines an order or no action is taken, the offer will time out and the next best driver will be offered the order. You will not be negatively impacted by declining an order. You’ll then receive a short survey question asking why you declined the order. Dispatch will only use this information to enhance your driver app experience.

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What goes into your driver standing?

Drivers’ standing is based on a rolling average of on-time percentage over their last 80 deliveries. Lower driver standing does NOT mean you won’t see orders, it only means that drivers with a high standing will see the orders before you do. New drivers start with a fair but lower standing and must take at least 18 orders to begin moving up the ranks to be on par with more tenured drivers.

What if you don't respond to the order in time?

All drivers should be responding to each order offer that's sent to them. If you miss responding because you weren't able to get to it in time, that's okay. Dispatch will mark you as "Offline" if you ignore three order offers in a row. This only applies if you are toggled as "Available" and not on a delivery.

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If no driver accepts the order

Dispatch will continue to offer the order to all eligible drivers one by one until all available drivers are exhausted. If all eligible drivers are exhausted before the order is claimed, the order will be released to all eligible drivers in the Available tab. Any driver who was previously offered the order and new drivers who come online later will see it there.

Why you aren’t seeing more orders

Smart Order Matching is meant to offer orders to the best drivers possible based on their driver standing and location. If a driver isn’t seeing orders being sent to them then that means the orders are being taken by drivers with higher driver standings. Drivers can better their driver standing by increasing their on-time percentages shown on their Driver Performance Dashboard.

Dispatch is always open to feedback about your Driver App experience. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at driverfeedback@dispatchit.com with any questions, concerns, or feedback you may have about Smart Order Matching or the Driver App in general.

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