How do I accept or assign myself orders?
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In this article, you will learn how to accept and assign yourself to an order.

Solution: Provide an understanding of how to assign yourself to an order to complete a delivery.

Location On

When you first switch to “Online” in the top right-hand corner, you’ll need to set app permissions. Go to “Settings” on your phone, select the Dispatch App, and change location services to “Always." You’ll also need to toggle on “Precise Location.” Lastly, enable "Motion and Fitness." Having this on at all times will allow customers to see where you are on a route and lets us accurately send you nearby orders.

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Android Users: Hold your finger on the Dispatch logo and tap on “App Info.” Ensure Notifications are marked as "Allowed" and Permissions are set to "Location." You’ll also need to toggle Camera and Location on and allow notifications. Your "Precise Location" and "Physical Activity" need to be enabled with your location set to "Allow all the time."

Viewing Orders

Dispatch sends order offers based on a driver’s standing and their current location. You’ll see orders come into the Dispatch App through Smart Order Matching or the Available tab.

Smart Order Matching Offer

Most order offers go through our Smart Order Matching algorithm. You’ll see offers for ASAP, Expedited, Standard, Same-Day, and Multi-Stop deliveries come via this format. Drivers must respond to these orders with an “ACCEPT” or “DECLINE” in order to stay available in the app.


Available Tab Offer

Orders scheduled more than 24 hours in advance will show up in the Available tab. These orders are offered on a first-come, first serve basis. Orders that have passed through the Smart Order Matching process without being accepted will show up here also. Click on the order you are interested in and use the bottom slider labeled “Assign order to route”.

When you arrive at the pickup location, you’ll use the “Arrived at pickup” slider.

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If you have questions, please contact us at A representative from Dispatch will reach out to you for support.

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