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Dispatch Driver Community Guidelines
Dispatch Driver Community Guidelines

In this article, you'll learn what's expected of Dispatch drivers when completing orders.

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When you drive for Dispatch, you’re contributing to a community that puts people first. We’re revolutionizing last-mile delivery, and our incredible network of drivers is at the heart of everything we do.


Dispatch network represents friendly, reliable, and courteous customer service and communication. When communicating with customers, customer contacts, and Dispatch representatives, we expect you to be responsible, respectful, and friendly. Take care of our customers’ property by leaving no damage or litter. Communicate proactively with Dispatch when things go wrong (or when questions arise). Consistently perform the expectations of the delivery. Deliveries may be to active job sites or other customers, so it’s important to wear presentable and appropriate attire (e.g., closed-toe shoes) to best handle all kinds of deliveries you may take.

Order expectations:

Once you claim a Dispatch order, it is critical to double-check all the details and the notes of the customer requests. You are expected to drive in the exact vehicle requested with the requested accessories and clear cargo space for the delivery. Please follow all loading/unloading instructions. Drivers are expected to confidently secure the load, provide the customer with proof of delivery photos at all locations, and attain a receipt by name. Releasing scheduled orders within 2 hours of pickup twice within 7 days will result in a violation. Requesting a higher payout from customers after claiming an order is also subject to disciplinary action.

For Sunrun deliveries, please do not attempt to offload the batteries without crew assistance (and contact Dispatch Support as soon as questions arise). See additional Sunrun expectations here.


Your ability to arrive and deliver on time is crucial to our customers and one of the most important factors in your future ability to see more order opportunities. Please aim to arrive during the specified pick-up and drop-off windows. If there are any delays or wait times needed, please contact Dispatch Support. Be patient if you show up early; materials might not be ready!


When you’re on the road with an order, things come up. Order isn’t ready yet, the customer is asking you to add materials or assist with labor you weren’t prepared to do, or you miss a stop in a multi-stop order. We get it; many unforeseen circumstances can complicate the order. In these circumstances, please contact us before contacting the customer. We are here to help!


Safety is important to your success with Dispatch. Following safety protocols such as securing cargo in your vehicle, proper dress like closed toed shoes, getting help when offloading heavy materials, and following your local traffic laws are some ways to ensure a safe delivery for yourself and the customer. Contact Dispatch Support if you have any concerns about completing an order safely.

Dispatch Driver Violations

These Community Guidelines outline our commitment to a respectful, positive, and transparent experience on the Dispatch platform. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in a documented violation plus a potential temporary or permanent removal from the Dispatch platform.

Remember, Dispatch is here to help you - please let us know in real-time how we can assist by contacting our Dispatch Support team.

As always, please continue to share feedback and attend our webinars to highlight ways that we can continue to improve the Dispatch App.

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