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What are the new services in the Dispatch App?
What are the new services in the Dispatch App?
Updated this week

In this article we'll discuss the new services drivers will see in the app when reviewing orders.

Solution: To educate drivers about what the new services are and what our expectations are of them.

Extra Handling: Inside Delivery

This service requires you to unload and drop off material inside the recipient's designated building/facility. These deliveries will come with increased pay for the additional labor along with any weight bonuses.

This type of delivery will be indicated within your order next to the Skills section in the following way:

Screen Shot 2023-04-11 at 4.31.49 PM-1

Expectations for these deliveries include:

  • You will leave items in designated drop-off area as described in the drop-off notes

  • Most drop-offs will be on main floor of a building or into a garage

  • You may need to use an elevator if properly coordinated by the customer

  • You aren't required to carry material up or down a stairwell within a building for this service

  • Materials should not be left outside for any reason

  • Any pets or obstructions to your drop-off area should be removed prior to you completing your delivery

Failure to follow these expectations may result in violation notices from our Driver Support team, reductions in pay or removal from the platform.

Extra Handling: Room of Choice

This service is similar to the Inside Delivery service with one new caveat: you'll be delivering to a specific room designated by the customer.

When you see Extra Handling next to Skills that means you need to pay close attention to the drop-off notes to ensure that you're delivering to the correct place the customer wants. For Room of Choice, they'll specify that particular room within the notes.

Screen Shot 2023-06-13 at 12.23.56 PM

Note: Customers can request use of up to one flight of stairs, otherwise an elevator must be used. Payouts will reflect the additional labor needed to use stairs.

Extra Handling: Paperwork

For these orders, you will typically receive paperwork at the pickup location for your order. You'll need to take the paperwork to each drop-off along your route to be signed by the customer-designated contact in the drop-off area.

The Paperwork service will show up in the app similar to other Extra Handling services, with any specific needs being put in the notes section. These orders do come with higher payouts when the option is selected.

Note: if a customer needs you to bring the paperwork back to the pickup location, a Multi-Stop order with the pickup as the final stop or a return trip must be created for the order.

Dedicated Vehicle

This is a service that will require the full utilization of your vehicle. That means you won't be able to accept other orders while you have a Dedicated Vehicle order in your cart.

You'll know a Dedicated Vehicle order by the red indicator within your order right below where the weight is listed.


These deliveries will also come with increased payouts to compensate you for not being able take other orders.

Pallet & Packaging Disposal

This service calls for you to get rid of any packaging and pallets associated with the delivery. It will show up in the app similar to other Extra Handling services, next to the Skills section within the order details. Any specific needs will be in the notes section.

Pallet Packaging Disposal (5)

Pallet Disposal

For the pallet disposal portion of this service, you'll complete the delivery according to the drop-off notes. Once the material has been delivered you'll dispose of the unneeded pallet as you see fit.

Note: For solar deliveries, you can bring the pallet back to the warehouse for them to throw away or you can throw it away where you see fit.

Packaging Disposal

For the packaging disposal portion of the service, you'll be taking the unneeded packaging such as boxes and plastic with you to throw out after the delivery**.

**Note: For packaging disposal orders, you're only required to throw away trash associated with the order, NOT random garbage at the drop-off site.

Other Notes

All services listed here should be called out on the earnings screen within the order. If you don't see the service listed but it is being requested, please complete the order then submit an adjustment form to be paid accordingly.

If you have any questions about what to do when you have one of these orders, you can always reach out to our support team via Live Chat within the app.

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