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How do I submit a driver adjustment?
How do I submit a driver adjustment?
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In this article, you’ll learn about the types of scenarios for which driver's may request an order by reviewed for adjusted compensations. You’ll also learn the correct way to request an adjustment for an order you've completed.

Solution: To explain what driver adjustments are and when to request them.

Adjustment Guidelines

  1. Our Driver Adjustment Form is accessible to all drivers.

  2. Complete the request AFTER the order is complete but within the same business day.

  3. Provide all requested information and details-incomplete adjustment requests will be denied. Utilize the optional file upload for pictures.

  4. Please make one adjustment request per order-if you have multiple requests check multiple boxes and give a clear description of what occurred.

  5. Repetitive requests for unapproved adjustments may jeopardize your access to the network.

What adjustments can I request?

Full descriptions below.

  • Address Change

  • Wait time (at pickup or at drop off)

  • Additional Weight Fee

  • Add-on services requested, but not listed on order

    • Pallet and Package Disposal

    • Paperwork

    • Extra Handling: Inside Delivery

    • Inside Delivery "Room of Choice"

Address Change

You’re eligible for an adjustment if an address changes at any point after you accept an order, whether it is the pickup or drop-off location. Submit an adjustment request once you complete the order. Please include the updated address and any other relevant information in your submission. If there were tolls incurred as a result of this change, please provide a picture of receipt or EZ Pass statement.

Tell us clearly how your route changed.

Return trips should be scheduled by contacting Dispatch support. If you are forced to return something outside of support hours please use the address change to request additional mileage.

Wait Time

At Pickup

Car, mid-sized, and pickup truck orders have a built-in load time of 10 minutes. For cargo vans, it's 15 minutes, box trucks 20 minutes. You can claim up to 20 minutes of wait time on the "Completed Order" screen, make sure you arrive on time and make accurate requests-locations are geo-stamped.

If you experience a longer delay at pickup, like material still being prepared, or a loading dock being cleared, then be sure to note the cause of the delay and the person who approved the wait. If no one is available on site, contact Dispatch Support for approval.

Example: "Roger at loading dock asked me to wait an additional 30 minutes while product was wrapped for transport"

At Drop off

You can also request wait time at drop off if you encounter an unexpected delay like waiting for heavy equipment or perhaps waiting for a delivery contact. These requests should only be made for drop-offs that take more than 30 min due to an unforseen delay. Driver's are paid to offload and sometimes that can take 30 min or more to complete. You cannot request wait time for the time spent offloading.

Example: "New construction, road was blocked by crane, was told by site manager Paul to wait."

Overnight Hold

In some rare cases you may encounter a situation where a drop off is closed or receiver unavailable towards the end of the day. You may be asked to hold material overnight. In those cases you will be paid an overnight hold fee, plus mileage to go home and back to the dropoff location.

In all cases, you'll need to provide the name of the person who approved the wait and reason for the delay or the adjustment will be denied.

Additional Weight/Unloading Fee

Orders are placed with a weight entered by the customer. Driver compensation for unloading increases based on the weight of the load. The Weight Bonus covers labor of both loading and unloading the order. If you pickup an order that has a weight greater than what is listed by the customer, we can adjust to the correct weight for you. Please provide a Bill of Lading, Shipping Receipt, or any other documentation available including picture of delivery photo with details about the items delivered.

Add-On Services

Dispatch recently launched new services to increase driver earnings and better meet customer needs. If these items are NOT listed on your earnings for the order and you are requested by a delivery contact to complete the service, please reach out to Dispatch Support first. Please verify the name of the person making the request, and if possible provide photos.

Pallet and Packaging Removal

Driver was requested to take the pallet and packaging with them.

Inside Delivery/Inside Delivery-Room of Choice

Driver was requested to bring materials inside the home. Room of choice would involve the use of stairs or an elevator, may require multiple trips.


Driver may be asked to simply take a photo of a document signed by the receiver, or perhaps return a signed document to another location. If you are returning a document, you will be compensated for all mileage.

Look for add-on services when accepting the orders.

All adjustments are judged on a case-by-case basis by the Dispatch Support Team. If you have any questions about an adjustment, please fill out the adjustment request form and leave your questions in the comments section. For any other questions, you can email us at

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