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What are some tips and tricks to maximizing earning potential as a driver?
What are some tips and tricks to maximizing earning potential as a driver?
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In this article, you will learn how to become a top-earning Dispatch driver.

Solution: To provide drivers with the tools to run successful deliveries.

Run Like Your Own Business

Dispatch finds the customers and books the business, but our most successful drivers are the ones who take ownership and run these deliveries like it is their own personal business. That means excellent communication whether on the phone or in person, and making sure the customer feels well taken care of. Many Dispatch drivers develop great relationships with our customers because they provide exceptional customer service, even when issues arise. This is where our core values really come into play.

Orders Scheduled for the Future

Alerts are only sent for orders available for pickup now, not for orders scheduled in the future. Check your phone frequently throughout the day for orders placed later in the day or for another day. You are allowed to hold up to 5 jobs that are “Available Later.”

Stacking Orders

Dispatch allows up to 2 ASAP and 3 Standard/Expedited deliveries at once. Try and find orders that have pickups in the same general area. Also look for pickups near your next drop-off. These can also be combined with Multiple Drop-off deliveries, so be alert for other deliveries becoming available even when you are on an order. Just make sure you can hit the delivery window and do not overcommit.

Do Not Overcommit

The biggest mistake made by drivers is taking on too many orders and missing delivery deadlines. If you realize immediately after accepting an order that you cannot make the timeline, call Dispatch Support and ask about being released. If for some reason you are delayed in your travels and will not make a delivery timeline you MUST call the customer to update your Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA). Remember that customers have live tracking and will know immediately if you are not headed in the right direction. Missing the delivery window and not updating the customer are policy violations and will likely lead to a complaint from the customer. Regular occurrences could result in deactivation as a driver.


As markets build, “hotspots” may develop where we have a large number of customers currently placing orders. Make note of pickups you see hitting the board frequently, even if it's an order you don’t take. That may be a good area to hang out during slower times.

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