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Using the Dispatch Courier Portal
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In this article, you will see how to view available orders, accept orders and assign drivers

Solution: On the dashboard you will be able to view available orders, accept orders and assign drivers

Viewing Orders

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Under the available orders view you will see:

  • Rate: The total payout you will receive for the order.

  • Route: The total miles of the trip, and the service level needed

  • Services levels: The speed of service needed

    • Example: ASAP meaning within the next 90 minutes

  • Load: The vehicle needed and the weight of the order

    • Larger vehicles can pick up any smaller vehicle order.

      • Example: a box truck can take car, mid-sized or cargo van orders.

    • Smaller vehicles won't see orders that require a larger vehicle.

      • Example: a car can't take an order intended for a box truck.

  • Pick up and drop-off: The city and state the order is being picked up from and being delivered to.

    • Exact details of location's addresses are shared after the order is accepted.

  • Times: When the order must be picked up and delivered by

  • Nearest Driver: Once your drivers have downloaded the app and are online, we will show the nearest driver to the pick up location

  • Actions: where you accept the order and assign a driver

Accepting and Assigning Orders

Once you see an available order worth accepting you'll click the Accept button under the Actions header.

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You'll see a notification prompting you to make sure you can complete the order within the allotted time.

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You'll have five minutes to assign a driver by clicking the Assign Driver icon and selecting which driver is closest to the pickup location.

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After you've assigned your driver, the order will appear in the Active Orders section.

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Other Notes

After the order has been assigned to the driver they will get a notification in the Driver App with all the pick up and drop-off details.

If you have any questions about using the Dispatch Courier Portal, please reach out to us at

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